1993 - Brian Eno & David Byrne - Ghosts - Outtakes from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

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  1. 01. Interview.flac10.03 MB
  2. 02.Mea Culpa.flac23.20 MB
  3. 03.Into The Spirit Womb.flac28.90 MB
  4. 04.Regiment.flac20.62 MB
  5. 05.The Friends Of Amos Tutuola.flac8.54 MB
  6. 06.America Is Waiting.flac18.68 MB
  7. 07.The Carrier.flac21.21 MB
  8. 09.On The Way To Zagora.flac13.79 MB
  9. 10.Les Hommes Ne Le Sauront Jamais.flac17.05 MB
  10. 11.A Secret Life.flac12.94 MB
  11. 12.Come With Us.flac13.16 MB
  12. 13.Mountain Of Needles.flac12.45 MB
  13. Artwork/A Tutuola Bush of Ghosts.png182.35 KB
  14. Artwork/A Tutuola Palm Wine Drinkard.png183.01 KB
  15. Artwork/back.jpg1007.53 KB
  16. Artwork/Bush of Ghosts.png321.65 KB
  17. Artwork/Disc.jpg483.80 KB
  18. Artwork/front.jpg1.52 MB
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  20. info.txt695.00 Byte
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